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Overview of AS23502

Ownership of AS23502

The autonomous system (AS) number 23502 is owned by Consortium GARR. Consortium GARR is an Italian network and computing infrastructure providing high-bandwidth connectivity and advanced services to the research and education community in Italy.

Main Operational Activity

The main operational activity of Consortium GARR, the owner of AS23502, involves providing a robust and high-performance networking infrastructure. This infrastructure is tailored for supporting scientific research, educational activities, and technological innovation across various academic and research institutions.

Establishment Date

Information regarding the specific establishment date of AS23502 is not readily available. Autonomous systems are generally established when the owning organization requires a unique presence in the global internet routing table, which may coincide with the founding of the organization or the expansion of its network services.

Malicious Use of AS23502

There are no explicit reports suggesting that AS23502, owned by Consortium GARR, is frequently used by hackers or spammers with malicious intent. Considering the nature of the owner's operational activities focused on supporting research and education, it is less likely that the autonomous system is a source of significant malicious traffic. However, like any large network, it is possible that isolated incidents could occur if compromised systems within the network are exploited.

As for the details from CleanTalk regarding the blacklisting status of AS23502, it is important to periodically check their database for any updates as this information can change over time.

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