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Overview of AS23795

AS23795 is an autonomous system (AS) owned by the company FITEC Corp., which operates primarily in Japan. The main operational activity of FITEC Corp., as the owner of AS23795, revolves around providing information technology and services, including network solutions and support.

Establishment of AS23795

The specific establishment date for AS23795 is not publicly disclosed in general AS information databases. Typically, information about the establishment dates of autonomous systems is not widely available unless shared directly by the owning organization.

Security Concerns and Malicious Use

Concerns regarding hackers or spammers using AS23795 with malicious intent are valid for any autonomous system. According to data retrieved from CleanTalk, a security service that monitors and blocks spam and hacking activities, there may have been incidents where AS23795 was implicated in such activities. However, this information should be interpreted with caution, as it does not necessarily reflect the intentions or practices of the owner but rather the actions of individual users within the AS.

Current Status on Security Blacklists

As per the latest data from CleanTalk (, it is important to continuously monitor and assess the status of any autonomous system, including AS23795, for potential security threats. The presence of an AS on a blacklist can indicate that it has been used for sending spam or conducting other malicious online activities, whether by the owner's design or by external actors compromising the system.


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