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About AS24502

Owner of AS24502

The owner of Autonomous System Number (ASN) AS24502 is PT Indonesia Comnets Plus.

Main Operational Activity

PT Indonesia Comnets Plus primarily operates in the telecommunications sector, providing a variety of services including network and internet service provision to its clients.

Establishment of AS24502

The exact establishment date of AS24502 is not commonly publicized and would typically be found in the records of the regional internet registry responsible for the region in which PT Indonesia Comnets Plus operates, such as APNIC for the Asia-Pacific region.

Malicious Use of AS24502

Like any large network, AS24502 may occasionally be misused by hackers or spammers. However, specific details regarding the extent of such activities on AS24502 would require real-time security analysis or historical data. As per the information available on CleanTalk's database, it seems there might be incidents of malicious intent associated with AS24502. For up-to-date information regarding the reputation of AS24502 and any reported abuse, you should refer to the latest data provided by security databases like

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