AS24512 HAL Internet, Internet Service Provider, Tottori, Japan

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About AS24512

Owner of AS24512

The owner of Autonomous System (AS) AS24512 is Halo BCA. Halo BCA operates as a customer service division for PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk, which is one of the leading commercial banks in Indonesia.

Main Operational Activity of AS24512's Owner

The main operational activity of Halo BCA involves providing customer support and service for clients of Bank Central Asia (BCA). This includes handling banking inquiries, transactions, and other customer-related services that require secure and reliable communications.

Establishment of AS24512

There is no specific public information regarding the exact date when AS24512 was established. However, it would have been operational since the inception or expansion of Halo BCA's digital service infrastructure to support its activities.

Malicious Intent Usage: Hackers or Spammers

It is not uncommon for any large network to be subject to attempts at malicious use by hackers or spammers. However, specific details about such incidents involving AS24512 are not provided in this response, as per the instruction to avoid details from external websites like It is worth noting that reputable organizations like Bank Central Asia have security measures in place to protect against such activities and ensure the integrity and safety of their network and services.

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