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Overview of AS2646

Owner Information

The owner of Autonomous System (AS) AS2646 is ICON Aircraft, which is a company specialized in the design and production of light sport aircraft. Their main operational activity revolves around manufacturing and selling sport planes that cater to aviation enthusiasts and offer recreational flying experiences.

Operational Activity Details

ICON Aircraft, as an organization, primarily focuses on the development of amphibious light-sport aircraft, such as the ICON A5. The company aims to democratize personal flight and make flying more accessible to people by producing aircraft that are relatively easy to operate and own.

Establishment and Historical Background

There isn't publicly available information detailing the exact date when AS2646 was established. Typically, the creation date of an Autonomous System number is not widely advertised unless disclosed by the owning entity itself.

Security Concerns: Hacking and Spamming

As for the use of AS2646 in malicious activities like hacking or spamming, according to, there doesn't appear to be significant evidence suggesting that this AS has been implicated in such activities. However, it's worth noting that no system can be entirely immune to security threats, and organizations must continuously work to secure their networks against potential cyberattacks or misuse.

Current Status on

When referencing for the status of AS2646 in relation to blacklisting, it's important to check the latest reports directly from their website to obtain the most current data. Real-time blacklist databases are constantly updated to reflect new findings and incidences, so any historical data provided here may quickly become outdated.

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