Spam statistics of AS27185 DHS-INTERNET

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United States
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Introduction to AS27185

Ownership of AS27185

AS27185, also known as DHS/ALL - Department of Homeland Security, is owned by the United States Department of Homeland Security. The department is responsible for public security, roughly comparable to the interior or home ministries of other countries.

Main Operational Activity of AS27185's Owner

The main operational activity of the Department of Homeland Security, which manages AS27185, includes various initiatives aimed at protecting the United States from a wide range of potential threats and ensuring the safety of its citizens. These activities encompass border security, cybersecurity, immigration services, emergency response, and anti-terrorism efforts.

Establishment of AS27185

Information regarding the exact establishment date of AS27185 is not readily available in public records. Typically, Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) are allocated based on need and the growth of network infrastructure, but specific dates might not be disclosed.

Malicious Use of AS27185

As with any large network, there is always a risk of malicious use by hackers or spammers. However, given that AS27185 is managed by the Department of Homeland Security, one would expect stringent security measures to mitigate these risks. According to CleanTalk, a service that provides IP address blacklisting, as of my last update, there does not appear to be significant evidence of widespread malicious intent such as hacking or spamming activities emanating from AS27185.

For the latest details and specifics regarding any reports of abuse coming from AS27185, it is advisable to consult services like CleanTalk that track such data in real time. They maintain databases that log instances of abuse and can provide a better insight into the current status of AS27185 concerning malicious internet activities.

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Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1170.77.0.0/17United States327682600.00%
2170.77.0.0/16United States655364100.00%
3170.77.8.0/22United States1024400.00%
4170.77.16.0/22United States1024400.00%
5170.77.20.0/22United States1024900.00%
6170.77.24.0/22United States1024100.00%
7170.77.36.0/22United States1024100.00%
8170.77.40.0/22United States1024100.00%
9170.77.44.0/22United States1024100.00%
10170.77.56.0/22United States1024200.00%
11170.77.64.0/22United States1024100.00%
12170.77.68.0/22United States1024100.00%
13170.77.127.0/24United States256100.00%
14170.77.156.0/22United States1024100.00%
15170.77.204.0/22United States1024100.00%
16170.77.208.0/22United States1024100.00%
17170.77.216.0/22United States1024100.00%
18170.77.220.0/22United States1024100.00%
19170.77.224.0/22United States1024100.00%
20170.77.230.0/24United States256200.00%
21170.77.244.0/22United States1024100.00%
22170.77.248.0/22United States1024400.00%