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About AS28579

Owner of AS28579

The owner of AS28579 is Telefonica Brasil S.A, a large telecommunications company in Brazil.

Main Operational Activity of AS28579's Owner

Telefonica Brasil S.A provides a wide range of telecommunication services, including mobile and fixed telephone services, data transmission, internet services, and pay-TV.

Establishment of AS28579

The exact establishment date of AS28579 is not publicly disclosed. However, the ownership and operational activities are generally established when the organization sets up its autonomous system for routing internet traffic.

Malicious Use of AS28579

Like many large networks, AS28579 may occasionally be used by hackers or spammers with malicious intent. As of the knowledge cutoff date, there may have been reports or incidents linked to this AS involving such activities.

However, specific details about any current reports from sources like CleanTalk would need to be retrieved directly from their website, which is often updated with real-time data regarding blacklisted IPs and other security threats associated with various autonomous systems.

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