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About AS295

Owner of AS295

The owner of Autonomous System Number (AS) 295 is currently not specified in public records. Ownership details for AS295 would typically be found in databases such as those maintained by Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), but specifics about the owner are not provided here.

Main Operational Activity

Without specific ownership information, it's challenging to detail the main operational activities associated with AS295. Generally, the operational activity of an autonomous system can include a range of services like internet service provision, web hosting, data center operations, and others depending on the nature of the owning entity.

Establishment of AS295

There is no publicly available information regarding the establishment date of AS295. Typically, the age of an autonomous system can be inferred from historical records or through announcements made by the owning entity upon its creation.

Malicious Use of AS295

According to data from CleanTalk, a website that monitors and reports spam and malicious activities, AS295 does have records of abuse. The details provided indicate incidents involving hackers or spammers using this autonomous system with malicious intent.

Spam Statistics:
- Spam active IPs: Data not provided
- Spam rate: Data not provided
- Latest spam activity: Data not provided

It's important to note that these details may change over time and any listed spam activity does not necessarily reflect the current state of AS295. Entities managing autonomous systems often take measures to mitigate such misuse upon detection.

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