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About AS2987

Owner of AS2987

The Autonomous System (AS) AS2987 belongs to the United States Department of Defense Network (DoDNET). This network is managed by the United States government and serves the needs of the Department of Defense.

Main Operational Activity

The main operational activity of AS2987's owner, the Department of Defense, includes providing secure and reliable communications for U.S. defense operations. This involves ensuring that data transmitted across its networks is protected and accessible to authorized military and civilian personnel engaged in defense-related activities.

Establishment of AS2987

While specific establishment dates for autonomous systems are not typically publicized, AS2987 has been operational for several decades, as it is part of the critical infrastructure supporting the United States military's global communication requirements.

Malicious Use of AS2987

Given the strategic importance of the Department of Defense Network, it would be a significant target for cyber threats; however, there are stringent security measures in place to protect against unauthorized access. According to, a service tracking spam and IP blacklisting, there may be instances where AS2987 could be reported for spam or malicious activities. This does not necessarily mean that the network is complicit in such activities; rather, it could indicate compromised systems within the network or misattribution of actions conducted by external actors.

As of the current information available, does not provide evidence of widespread abuse or hacking specifically from AS2987, but this status can change as new incidents occur and are reported.

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