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Overview of AS3680

Autonomous System (AS) 3680, is an identifier for a specific set of IP networks and routes under the control of a single entity or organization. The details about the owner and operational activities of AS3680 can be very specific and may require up-to-date information from registries or databases that manage Internet number resources.

Owner of AS3680

The ownership of Autonomous Systems is typically registered with regional internet registries, which maintain databases of these allocations. To find out the current owner of AS3680, one would search these databases using tools like WHOIS or refer to websites that track AS information.

Main Operational Activity of AS3680's Owner

The main operational activity of the owner of AS3680 would depend on the nature of the entity controlling it. This could range from providing internet service provision, hosting services, content delivery, enterprise networking, or other forms of network-related services.

Establishment of AS3680

The establishment date of AS3680 refers to when the AS was first registered and put into operation. This information is also recorded in the regional internet registry databases and can be accessed through similar means as the owner's information.

Malicious Use of AS3680

Concerning whether AS3680 has been used by hackers or spammers with malicious intent, this kind of activity is often tracked by security organizations and companies that specialize in detecting and reporting abuse of network resources. According to CleanTalk, a website that provides such security services, they may have records or reports indicating if AS3680 has been involved in malicious activities such as spamming or hacking.

As per the details available on, you can find whether there have been any incidents reported involving AS3680. CleanTalk maintains a database of IP addresses and AS numbers known for being sources of spam or other malicious activities. However, please note that without visiting the link directly, I cannot provide the current status or historical data concerning AS3680's involvement in such activities.

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