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About AS394711

Owner of AS394711

The owner of Autonomous System Number (ASN) AS394711 is BODIS-ASN, which is associated with Bodis, LLC. Bodis is a domain parking service that provides monetization services for domain owners.

Main Operational Activity of AS394711's Owner

The main operational activity of Bodis, LLC, the owner of AS394711, involves domain parking and advertising. They essentially allow domain owners to earn revenue through advertisements displayed on their parked domains. This service matches relevant ads to the content of the domain, generating income while the domain is not actively being used for a personal or business website.

Establishment of AS394711

Unfortunately, the exact date of establishment for AS394711 is not readily available in public records. ASN registration dates are typically recorded in databases managed by regional internet registries, but these details are not always accessible without specific queries or access rights.

Malicious Use of AS394711

As of the last update from CleanTalk, there have been reports suggesting that AS394711 has been used for malicious intent such as hosting spam or malware. According to, there may be instances where domains under AS394711 have been utilized for such nefarious activities, although this does not necessarily implicate the owner of the ASN directly in these actions. It is possible for hackers or spammers to exploit legitimate services for their purposes.

Additional Details from CleanTalk

Details from indicate that there have been incidents linked to AS394711. However, it is important to consider that the nature of Bodis' business means that a large number of diverse domains are parked under their system, which can occasionally include domains used by spammers or hackers. The presence of malicious activity does not necessarily mean that the ASN owner condones or is involved in such actions.

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345.66.231.2262024-07-04 23:30:392024-07-17 19:05:503

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