Spam statistics of AS40749 CDELIGHTBAND

CountryNumber of networksIP AddressesPurpose of use
United States
DomainDetected IP addressesSpam active IPsSpam rate
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About AS40749

Ownership of AS40749

The owner of AS40749 is C-Light, LLC. This autonomous system (AS) is registered and managed by an organization that typically operates in the realm of internet services.

Main Operational Activity

The core operational activity of AS40749's owner, C-Light, LLC, involves providing internet connectivity and related services to its customer base. As an ISP, they facilitate data communication through their network infrastructure.

Establishment of AS40749

The exact establishment date of AS40749 is not publicly disclosed in general AS information repositories. However, the creation and modification dates of autonomous systems are usually recorded in internet registry databases maintained by regional internet registries.

Malicious Use of AS40749

Regarding the malicious intent such as hacking or spamming activities, there is no specific evidence that AS40749 is widely used for such purposes. Nonetheless, like any internet service provider, it may occasionally have incidents where individual users or entities within the network misuse services. According to CleanTalk, a website that monitors and reports on blacklisted IPs and ASes for spam and hacking activities, there might be isolated cases or reports. For updated details and records of any potentially malicious activities associated with AS40749, one would need to refer directly to resources like CleanTalk.

As of the last check, there is no explicit information listed on regarding AS40749 being involved in spamming or hacking activities. It's important for ISPs to actively monitor and address abuse to maintain the integrity of their networks and services.

WhoIs AS40749


Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1208.95.176.0/21United States2048129442.00% States8192199390.00% States409678140.00%
469.166.172.0/22United States102433131.00%
5206.225.136.0/21United States2048129111.00%
6104.36.200.0/22United States10245081.00%
769.166.184.0/22United States10242871.00%
8208.88.168.0/21United States204810170.00% States10242561.00%
1069.166.168.0/22United States10243650.00%
11162.222.0.0/22United States10242150.00% States10241740.00%
1369.166.160.0/22United States10242040.00%
1469.166.188.0/22United States10241440.00% States10241630.00%
16162.247.52.0/22United States102447330.00%
1769.166.164.0/22United States10242720.00%
1869.166.176.0/22United States10241820.00%
1969.166.176.0/23United States5121120.00%
2069.166.180.0/22United States10242320.00%
21104.255.144.0/22United States10245120.00%
22192.92.208.0/22United States1024720.00%
23199.46.96.0/22United States10243020.00%
24199.189.72.0/22United States10243520.00% States10242010.00%
26104.192.236.0/22United States102440310.00%
27162.213.236.0/22United States1024710.00%
28208.87.152.0/22United States10241310.00%
29162.251.172.0/22United States102451700.00%
30199.30.112.0/22United States1024500.00%

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