AS42560 Telemach BH d.o.o. Sarajevo

Spam statistics of AS42560 Telemach BH d.o.o. Sarajevo

CountryNumber of networksIP AddressesPurpose of use
Bosnia & Herzegovina
DomainDetected IP addressesSpam active IPsSpam rate
-5 1193306.45%
Websites countIP addresses with websites

Spam activity log

- spam active IP adresses

AS42560 Overview

Owner of AS42560

The Autonomous System (AS) number 42560 is operated by Telemach d.o.o. Telemach is a telecommunications service provider that primarily operates in the Southeastern Europe region, offering various services such as broadband internet, telephony, and television broadcasting.

Main Operational Activity of AS42560's Owner

Telemach's main operational activity revolves around providing these communication services to both residential and business customers. The company focuses on delivering high-speed internet access, digital and HD television packages, and voice services with wide coverage and competitive pricing.

Establishment Date of AS42560

The specific establishment date of AS42560 is not public information. However, Telemach, as a company, has been evolving and expanding its network infrastructure over the years to support its growing customer base and to improve the quality of its services.

Malicious Use of AS42560

While any network can be susceptible to abuse, there is no specific evidence suggesting that AS42560 is widely used by hackers or spammers with malicious intent. It is important for all network operators, including Telemach, to implement security measures to prevent such abuses.

Details from CleanTalk about AS42560

According to CleanTalk, a platform that provides services to protect websites against spam and hacking, there might be individual instances where IP addresses within AS42560 have been reported for undesirable activities. These could include spam or other forms of network abuse, but such reports do not necessarily indicate a widespread issue with the entire AS42560 network. It is often the case that a small number of devices within a large network may become compromised and used for malicious purposes without the knowledge of the network operator.

To maintain network integrity, Telemach would typically follow best practices in network management and security, addressing issues as they arise and cooperating with the broader internet community to combat abuse.

WhoIs AS42560


SPAM active IP addresses in AS42560 Telemach BH d.o.o. Sarajevo

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam 04:31:182024-02-19 19:17:1310 02:46:242024-02-15 14:01:424
377.77.215.62020-06-25 05:19:382024-02-11 14:28:41108
477.77.216.1252020-04-28 17:18:062024-02-08 21:57:188
577.77.216.1352021-10-13 20:46:592024-02-16 20:56:388
677.77.218.1372018-12-28 03:31:342024-02-14 18:52:3314
777.77.218.1692018-04-24 00:30:482024-02-16 21:01:053
877.77.218.1762019-12-02 02:55:102024-02-11 09:01:595
977.77.219.402022-03-29 00:22:302024-02-14 18:48:434
1077.77.219.2052016-08-07 22:40:182024-02-15 22:48:483
1177.77.223.1942022-04-18 19:18:352024-02-10 18:05:397
1277.78.201.1462023-11-03 09:37:242024-02-20 22:07:2810

Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate & Herzegovina163841778560.00% & Herzegovina16384610470.00%
377.78.192.0/19Bosnia & Herzegovina8192444390.00%
477.239.0.0/19Bosnia & Herzegovina8192466340.00%
5178.209.0.0/19Bosnia & Herzegovina8192503330.00%
677.221.0.0/19Bosnia & Herzegovina8192362260.00%
7178.209.16.0/20Bosnia & Herzegovina4096255251.00%
877.78.224.0/19Bosnia & Herzegovina8192503220.00%
9188.127.96.0/19Bosnia & Herzegovina8192571220.00%
10109.237.32.0/20Bosnia & Herzegovina4096285200.00%
1137.208.32.0/21Bosnia & Herzegovina2048139161.00%
1277.238.192.0/19Bosnia & Herzegovina8192537160.00%
1331.185.112.0/20Bosnia & Herzegovina4096232130.00%
1480.80.32.0/20Bosnia & Herzegovina4096261120.00%
15146.255.128.0/19Bosnia & Herzegovina8192516120.00%
1637.205.24.0/21Bosnia & Herzegovina204812590.00%
1737.208.36.0/22Bosnia & Herzegovina10247191.00%
1893.180.96.0/19Bosnia & Herzegovina819246790.00%
19128.65.104.0/21Bosnia & Herzegovina204815390.00%
20141.170.192.0/20Bosnia & Herzegovina409620380.00%
21188.127.96.0/21Bosnia & Herzegovina204814280.00%
2237.205.24.0/22Bosnia & Herzegovina10246271.00%
2380.80.32.0/21Bosnia & Herzegovina204813570.00%
24185.18.152.0/22Bosnia & Herzegovina10246071.00%
25178.209.8.0/22Bosnia & Herzegovina10248461.00%
26188.127.96.0/22Bosnia & Herzegovina10247661.00%
27188.127.104.0/21Bosnia & Herzegovina204815360.00%
2837.208.34.0/24Bosnia & Herzegovina2561752.00%
2977.77.216.0/22Bosnia & Herzegovina102472450.00%
3077.238.211.0/24Bosnia & Herzegovina2562252.00%

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