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Overview of AS4631

Owner of AS4631

The owner of Autonomous System (AS) 4631 is China Telecom (Hong Kong) International Limited. This organization is a subsidiary of the state-owned telecommunications company China Telecom Corporation Limited, which operates mainly in the People's Republic of China.

Main Operational Activity of AS4631's Owner

China Telecom (Hong Kong) International Limited primarily engages in providing a wide range of telecommunication services, including internet access, data communication, and various value-added services. The company aims to establish a global presence and offers connectivity solutions for international customers, leveraging its extensive infrastructure and network capabilities.

Establishment of AS4631

As an autonomous system number (ASN), AS4631 would have been allocated by the relevant Internet registry as per the requirements and applications of the organization. However, the exact date of establishment for AS4631 is not typically public information. ASNs are assigned to organizations upon request and after meeting certain criteria set by the respective regional internet registry responsible for the region in which the organization operates.

Malicious Use of AS4631

There are instances where autonomous systems may be exploited or used by hackers or spammers with malicious intent. To determine if AS4631 has been reported for such activities, one can refer to security databases and blacklists that track malicious behavior linked to specific ASNs. According to CleanTalk, a service that provides a blacklist database, there could be reports or records of spamming or hacking activities associated with AS4631. For the most recent and detailed information, it is advised to visit the CleanTalk website directly at Please note that the presence of an ASN on such a list does not necessarily mean that the owner of the ASN is directly involved in malicious activities; compromised systems within their network might be responsible for such behaviors.

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