AS48355 FCRUISE Hamburg, Germany

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About AS48355

Ownership of AS48355

AS48355, also known as Velev Trade TV DOO, is an autonomous system that is owned by Velev Trade TV DOO.

Main Operational Activity of Velev Trade TV DOO

The main operational activity of Velev Trade TV DOO, the owner of AS48355, involves providing internet services. They are primarily focused on offering various telecommunications and broadcasting services.

Establishment of AS48355

The specific establishment date of AS48355 is not publicly listed in general resources. However, autonomous systems typically provide registration details through Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) which maintain such records.

Usage of AS48355 for Malicious Activities

Like many autonomous systems, AS48355 may occasionally be misused by malicious actors for activities like hacking or spamming. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the presence of such activities does not necessarily reflect the intentions or practices of the owner of the AS. According to data provided by, there may have been incidents linked to AS48355 related to spamming or abusive behavior. However, without more detailed context, it is difficult to determine the extent or nature of these incidents.

For example, as of the last update from, it is recorded that there have been instances of spam originating from AS48355, but these data points alone do not provide a full picture of whether these were isolated cases or part of a larger pattern of abuse.

It should be understood that service providers often take steps to mitigate and prevent malicious use of their networks when identified.

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