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Overview of AS4877

Autonomous System Number (ASN) 4877 is registered to an entity known in the telecommunications and networking industry. ASNs are crucial for routing internet traffic between IP networks, ensuring efficient data transfer and connectivity across the globe.

Owner of AS4877

The owner of AS4877 is not explicitly specified without access to updated registries or databases which maintain records of ASN allocations and their associated organizations.

Main Operational Activity

The main operational activity of an ASN owner typically involves managing internet traffic that routes through their network infrastructure. This can include providing internet services, maintaining network performance, and ensuring secure data transmission.

Establishment of AS4877

The establishment date of AS4877 would be documented in the registries maintained by regional internet registries (RIRs) or by the organization itself. It is a critical piece of information for historical and administrative purposes.

AS4877 and Malicious Activities

Regarding the misuse of AS4877 by hackers or spammers, it is essential to refer to up-to-date security reports and blacklists. The website provided ( could offer insights into whether AS4877 has been reported or blacklisted for engaging in malicious activities such as spamming or other forms of cyberattacks.

Details from CleanTalk

To gather specific details about AS4877's involvement in malicious activities like spamming or hacking, one would typically consult services like CleanTalk. However, due to the constraints of this interaction, direct information from their website is not accessible here. It would be advisable to visit CleanTalk's blacklist page directly to search for AS4877 and obtain the latest data on any reported incidents.

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