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Overview of AS491

Ownership and Operational Activity

AS491, also known as Autonomous System 491, is owned by the "Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services," or simply GTIS. The main operational activity of AS491's owner, GTIS, revolves around providing telecommunications and informatics services to government entities. This includes a range of IT-based services that support governmental operations and infrastructure.

Establishment of AS491

The specific establishment date of AS491 is not publicly disclosed in common Autonomous System databases or registries. Typically, such information requires direct access to historical allocation records from the relevant internet registry or the owning organization itself.

Abuse and Malicious Use

Like many autonomous systems, AS491 could potentially be misused by hackers or spammers for malicious intent. However, current data from CleanTalk (as of the last knowledge update) does not specifically list AS491 as being associated with any verified malicious activities. To determine if there have been any recent incidents of abuse involving AS491, one would need to reference up-to-date security reports or threat intelligence platforms.

It is important for the owners of autonomous systems to monitor and mitigate any abuse to maintain the integrity and trust in their network services.

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