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About AS5090

Owner of AS5090

The Autonomous System (AS) number 5090 is owned by Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Main Operational Activity

Lockheed Martin Corporation is primarily involved in the aerospace, defense, arms, information security, and technology industries. They are known for their work in designing and manufacturing advanced aircraft, naval systems, missile systems, and related technologies for defense applications.

Establishment of AS5090

Information about the exact establishment date of AS5090 is not typically publicly disclosed. Autonomous Systems are registered and managed through regional internet registries, and dates of establishment can vary based on when the organization required the AS for their network operations.

Use of AS5090 by Hackers or Spammers

Like any large network, AS5090 could potentially be exploited by hackers or spammers. However, given that Lockheed Martin Corporation is a large defense contractor with significant resources dedicated to cyber security, it is likely that they have robust security measures in place to minimize such malicious activities.

According to CleanTalk's database, there may not be significant evidence of widespread abuse coming from AS5090. For up-to-date details on whether AS5090 has been used for such purposes, one would need to consult real-time security databases or contact the network administrator directly.

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