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United States
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About AS5696

Owner of AS5696

The autonomous system (AS) number 5696 is owned by Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia INEGI.

Main Operational Activity

The main operational activity of INEGI, the owner of AS5696, involves the collection and analysis of statistical data and geographic information in Mexico. They are responsible for providing reliable statistics and geographic products to help with decision-making on economic, social, and environmental matters.

Establishment of AS5696

There is no specific public record readily available detailing the exact establishment date of AS5696. Autonomous Systems are typically registered and managed through regional internet registries, and the dates of establishment can vary widely based on when the organization required the AS number for their networking needs.

Malicious Use of AS5696

According to data from, a service that monitors blacklists for spam and malicious activities, there are no significant reports suggesting that AS5696 is being used by hackers or spammers with malicious intent as of the current state of knowledge. It is important to note that such assessments can change, and continuous monitoring is essential to ensure that an AS remains free from association with malicious activities.

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Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1167.18.0.0/16United States655363900.00%
2167.18.36.0/22United States1024900.00%
3167.18.40.0/22United States10242100.00%
4167.18.104.0/24United States256500.00%
5167.18.156.0/22United States1024100.00%
6167.18.168.0/22United States1024100.00%
7167.18.176.0/20United States4096100.00%
8167.18.188.0/22United States1024100.00%
9167.18.192.0/20United States4096100.00%
10167.18.200.0/22United States1024100.00%
11167.211.0.0/16United States655367500.00%
12167.211.24.0/21United States2048500.00%
13167.211.24.0/22United States1024300.00%
14167.211.28.0/22United States1024200.00%
15167.211.52.0/22United States10243200.00%
16167.211.64.0/19United States8192100.00%
17167.211.84.0/22United States1024100.00%
18167.211.100.0/22United States1024400.00%
19167.211.104.0/24United States256500.00%
20167.211.112.0/22United States1024100.00%
21167.211.140.0/22United States1024100.00%
22167.211.168.0/22United States1024100.00%
23167.211.172.0/22United States10242300.00%
24167.211.200.0/22United States1024100.00%
25167.211.208.0/22United States1024100.00%
26198.27.9.0/24United States2561000.00%
27199.204.156.0/24United States256100.00%
28199.204.159.0/24United States256300.00%

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