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United States
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Overview of AS6938

The Owner of AS6938

AS6938, also known as Autonomous System 6938, is owned by Green Connection Networks LLC. This entity is responsible for the management and operation of the autonomous system.

Main Operational Activity

The primary operational activity of Green Connection Networks LLC revolves around providing internet services. As an owner of an autonomous system, they are involved in routing large blocks of IP addresses, network management, and ensuring the stability and reliability of internet connectivity for their clients.

Establishment of AS6938

Information regarding the exact establishment date of AS6938 is not readily available on public record. Autonomous systems evolve over time, and their establishment dates can be challenging to pinpoint without direct data from the managing entity or historical records.

Malicious Use of AS6938

Concerning the use of AS6938 by hackers or spammers with malicious intent, it's important to monitor such activities to maintain the integrity of the network. According to, a service that tracks and reports spam and other malicious activities, there may be instances of abuse detected within this autonomous system. However, as this information is subject to change and can be updated frequently, it is recommended to refer to the latest data provided by anti-abuse organizations for the current status of AS6938 related to any potential malicious activities.

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