Spam statistics of AS7132 SBIS-AS

CountryNumber of networksIP AddressesPurpose of use
United States110Hosting
DomainDetected IP addressesSpam active IPsSpam rate
-1 40390.64%
Websites countIP addresses with websites

Spam activity log

- spam active IP adresses

Overview of AS7132

Owner Information

The autonomous system AS7132 is owned by AT&T Corp. This company is a well-known telecommunications giant, providing a wide range of services including internet access, telephone services, and television entertainment.

Main Operational Activity

The main operational activity of AT&T, the owner of AS7132, revolves around offering extensive telecommunications services. These services include but are not limited to mobile telephony, broadband internet, and digital television services to consumers, businesses, and governmental agencies.

Establishment of AS7132

While the exact establishment date of AS7132 might not be publicly available, AT&T as an entity has been in operation for over a century, constantly updating and expanding its infrastructure to support modern services like the ones provided through AS7132.

Malicious Use of AS7132

Like many large networks, AS7132 may occasionally be misused by hackers or spammers with malicious intent. However, as a responsible service provider, AT&T implements various security measures to prevent such abuses. According to CleanTalk's blacklist database, which monitors spamming activity, there may have been instances where parts of AS7132 were reported for abusive behavior. It's important to note that such incidents are typically addressed by the network administrators in line with AT&T's policies on abuse prevention and mitigation.

Additional Details from CleanTalk

As per the information provided by CleanTalk, any reports of spam or malicious activity originating from AS7132 would be investigated and handled according to the company's strict protocols for maintaining network integrity and safeguarding against abuse. Users concerned about potential misuse can often find real-time data and historical records related to AS7132 on platforms like CleanTalk to stay informed about its reputation and activity.

WhoIs AS7132


SPAM active IP addresses in AS7132 SBIS-AS

#Sender IPDetectedLast seenReported as spam 03:28:232024-05-14 02:45:473

Detected networks prefixes

#Network prefixCountryLengthDetected IP addressesSpam active IP addressesSpam rate
1209.95.160.0/19United States8192578320.00%
2198.228.0.0/16United States655363910.00%
3199.176.195.0/24United States256110.00%
464.28.152.0/21United States2048200.00%
564.138.204.0/24United States256100.00%
664.138.206.0/24United States256500.00%
764.138.229.0/24United States256100.00%
864.138.234.0/24United States256400.00%
964.138.250.0/24United States256100.00%
1069.107.0.0/18United States16384200.00%
1169.107.12.0/22United States1024100.00%
1269.107.48.0/22United States1024100.00%
1369.210.64.0/18United States16384800.00%
1469.210.64.0/22United States1024300.00%
1569.210.108.0/22United States1024100.00%
1669.210.124.0/22United States1024100.00%
1770.236.0.0/18United States16384200.00%
1870.236.24.0/22United States1024100.00%
1970.236.44.0/22United States1024100.00%
2070.237.192.0/18United States16384200.00%
2170.237.192.0/22United States1024100.00%
2270.237.204.0/22United States1024100.00%
2370.240.112.0/22United States1024100.00%
2470.251.64.0/18United States16384200.00%
2570.251.96.0/22United States1024100.00%
2670.251.116.0/22United States1024100.00%
2771.141.52.0/22United States1024100.00%
2871.141.128.0/18United States16384300.00%
2971.141.128.0/22United States1024100.00%
3071.141.148.0/22United States1024100.00%

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