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United States
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About AS7902

Owner of AS7902

The owner of Autonomous System Number (AS) 7902 is not publicly listed in standard registries, and without specific data from those registries or other authoritative sources, the ownership information cannot be confirmed.

Main Operational Activity

Without specific details on the owner of AS7902, the main operational activity of this autonomous system cannot be accurately described. Autonomous Systems are typically assigned to entities such as internet service providers, large organizations with significant internet infrastructure, or data center operators who manage network routes and policies.

Establishment of AS7902

The establishment date of AS7902 is not readily available in public records. AS numbers are allocated by regional internet registries, and each registry keeps a database of assignments which may contain this information.

Malicious Use of AS7902

According to the data provided by CleanTalk, there might be instances where AS7902 has been flagged for malicious activities such as hosting spammers or hackers. CleanTalk maintains a database of IP addresses that have been reported for abuse or spamming activities; however, it's important to note that such reports do not always indicate the owner of the AS is directly responsible for the malicious intent. Users within an AS can engage in such activities without the knowledge of the AS operator.

As of my last update, I do not have current access to external databases such as CleanTalk to provide real-time data or verify such claims.

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