Pricing for Anti-Spam service. No obligations, upgrade or cancel anytime.

Pricing for Anti-Spam service. No obligations, upgrade or cancel anytime.

1 website∞ spam checks 3 websites∞ spam checks 5 websites∞ spam checks 10 websites∞ spam checks 20 websites∞ spam checks 30 websites∞ spam checks 40 websites∞ spam checks

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Unlimited websites 3 000 daily approved checks
∞ spam checks

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All packages include unlimited anti-spam protection.

All packages include

100% protection against spam bots

To identify spam bots CleanTalk uses a series of tests, invisible to the visitor of the website. This allows 100% protection from spam bots to be provided, without the need to install extra protection.

Regular updates

We regularly release updates to the anti-spam module. Our modules always meet new versions of CMS and we are constantly expanding supported CMS.

Technical support

Technical Support 24/7 to help you use the anti-spam service. If you have specific needs, you can contact our Cleantalk customer support team at any time, day or night. We strive to answer all emails within 12 hours, and most are answered in substantially less time.

No Captcha, no questions, no puzzles, etc.

Protection by CleanTalk allows you to switch from methods that complicate communication with your visitors (CAPTCHA, question-answer etc.) to a more convenient one.

Mobile apps

We have developed an application for timely notification to website administrators about website visitor activity. It collects all data about commentaries and sign-ups on your website that is necessary for website administrators and instantly sends it to your mobile device.

Detailed statistics

CleanTalk is a transparent anti-spam protection. We provide detailed statistics of all entered comments and logins. You can always be sure that there are no errors. We have developed a mobile app for you to see anti-spam statistics, wherever and whenever.

Pricing & Billing FAQ

What is the difference between "Spam checks" and "Daily approved checks"?
Daily approved checks - all not spam requests (registrations/comments/contacts) which were allowed by CleanTalk.
Spam Checks - all requests which were identified as spam. The number of spam checks is not limited to all packages.
What happens after my trial?
You can upgrade your account to premium package any time during the trial period. Once the trial ends your account will be suspended (all spam requests will be passed without rejections) until you choose to upgrade to the premium package.
Can I switch to a new package before the expiration of the current?
Yes, you can. You will be billed for the difference between the value of the new package and unused balance under the current package.
What package to choose for WordPress Multi-User (WPMU)

Depending on your needs we offer 3 versions of WPMU packages.

  1. Separate access keys for each website.

    This package suits you if you want to have separate anti-spam statistics, black lists and options for each website.

    1.1. Choose a tariff which corresponds to your number of websites in WPMU. Register to the service. Buy the license and add all websites to your CleanTalk Control Panel. Then you have to put each access key in each installed plugin for every website or give them to the webmasters and they will put the keys themselves. This method is convenient for those who don’t have many websites and you want to give your clients a free anti-spam service. Furthermore, you can grant access to the added websites’ settings for your users in your CleanTalk profile using the feature “Delegation”.

    1.2. Let your users make payments for the anti-spam license. It is necessary for you to create an account and choose an appropriate tariff. This method is convenient for those who want their users to make payments for the license, to have their own anti-spam statistics, black lists and website settings.

  2. One access key for all WPMU websites.

    You can use the same access key for all websites. In this case anti-spam statistics, black lists and your CleanTalk settings will be identical for all websites. Register to the service and choose a one website package. Copy the access key and put it in each CleanTalk plugin in each website.

  3. Hosting package.

    The most convenient method. In this case anti-spam service works using IP-address. By adding your IP-address to your CleanTalk Control Panel you protect all your websites where you have installed and activated the anti-spam plugin without using any access key. To setup your Hosting Package register to the service, go to your Control Panel and switch to the Hosting Dashboard. Follow the instruction and add your IP-address. Then install and activate the anti-spam plugin on each website. As the result anti-spam statistics, black lists and website settings will be the same for all websites.

    If it is necessary for you to have separate anti-spam statistics, black lists and website settings then your users have to get their own access key. They have to create their CleanTalk accounts and get the keys. No additional payments are required.

    You can see the pricing here.

Can I have a more powerful package?
Sure, send us an email request .
What will happen if I exceed the daily approved checks?
If this happens regularly we will send you a notification that you need to update your package with more performance. For example, the next package will cost $30 for 6000 daily approved checks.

Pricing for API Methods. No obligations, upgrade or cancel anytime.

DataBase API

Checks limit/month 10 000 50 000 100 000 250 000 500 000 750 000 1 000 000 2 000 000 3 000 000 6 000 000 9 000 000 30 000 000
Cost/month, $ $3.00 $11.00 $20.00 $33.00 $58.00 $75.00 $83.00 $150.00 $200.00 $350.00 $450.00 $1990.00
Cost/year, $ $36.00 $132.00 $240.00 $396.00 $696.00 $900.00 $996.00 $1800.00 $2400.00 $4200.00 $5400.00 $23880.00

DATABASE API includes 2 API methods:

API to check IP/email in the BlackList: spam_check()

API to check Domains for BlackSEO: backlinks_check()

You can use one or both methods at once.

How is it calculated?

Checks limit — the number of IP and email addresses that have been checked.

As the example: if you send one API request that contains 2 IP's to check — this will be calculated as 2 checks because there were 2 IP's.

One API request may include up to 1000 IP's or emails.

Anti-Spam Pricing for Hosting.

Hosting Anti-Spam

$5/month per IP address (VDS)

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Hosting Package is made primarily for Hosting Companies who want to protect their customers from spam.

As this Package is ment for bulk usage and for processing clients' spam check requests based on IP address, the Package lacks some features, for instance:

  • No spam records details in your Anti-Spam Log, counter of total checks is available only

  • No weekly Spam Report

If these features are important for your customers, then you should use annually renewed packages or unlimited websites package.

Of course, on the Hosting Package it's possible to create CleanTalk profiles for your customers as well so they would have all CleanTalk Service features. There are several ways of creating your customers' profiles in the CleanTalk Service:

  1. You inform your customers about that, they register their CleanTalk profiles themselves and get their own access key.

  2. You create CleanTalk profiles for your customers yourself and give them profile credentials to log in.

We would like to remind you that you can create a CleanTalk profile of two types:

  • Personal — only your customer has access to it.

  • Delegated — you will see all websites and statistics in your CleanTalk profile.

Details are here.

Pricing for Site Security service.

Site Security

1 website 3 websites 5 websites 10 websites 30 websites 50 websites 100 websites
$20/year $54/year $80/year $140/year $360/year $500/year $800/year

SSL Certificates

Positive SSL


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PositiveSSL is the most popular and inexpensive SSL Certificate introduced by the most trusted CA Comodo and secures your website domain name and helps to protect user's information which is transmission over the internet.

Internet users recognize safe Internet connection in their browsers by the symbol of the lock next to website address. It's important to know for users that their connection and their data are secured, though they do not see the difference what certificate is being used on visited website — Common or Premium. Google also did not mention about ranking depending on the type of SSL-certificate, thus it's cheaper and easier to get the cheapest certificate and have all possibilities at once: security, transferred data encryption, and SEO advantages.