Anti-Spam Pricing for Hosting

Anti-Spam Pricing for Hosting

Hosting Anti-Spam

$5/month per IP address (VDS)

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Hosting Package is made primarily for Hosting Companies who want to protect their customers from spam.

CleanTalk provides hosting companies a simple and effective method of protecting websites of their clients from spam and spambots. For hosting on WordPress you can activate the White Label Mode and give anti-spam service under your own brand.

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As this Package is meant for bulk usage and for processing clients' spam check requests based on IP address, the Package lacks some features, for instance:

  • No spam records details in your Anti-Spam Log, counter of total checks is available only

  • No weekly Spam Report

If these features are important for your customers, then you should use annually renewed packages or unlimited websites package.

Of course, on the Hosting Package it's possible to create CleanTalk profiles for your customers as well so they would have all CleanTalk Service features. There are several ways of creating your customers' profiles in the CleanTalk Service:

  1. You inform your customers about that, they register their CleanTalk profiles themselves and get their own access key.

  2. You create CleanTalk profiles for your customers yourself and give them profile credentials to log in.

We would like to remind you that you can create a CleanTalk profile of two types:

  • Personal — only your customer has access to it.

  • Delegated — you will see all websites and statistics in your CleanTalk profile.

Depending on your needs we offer 3 versions of using Hosting Packages.

If you want to get anti-spam report and statistics:

  1. You can create separate accounts for each website or group of websites and get access keys. Put each access key in each installed plugin for every website or give them to webmasters and they will put the keys themselves. This method is convenient for those who don’t have many websites and you want to give your clients an access to anti-spam reports and statistics.

  2. You can use one access key for all websites. In this case, all anti-spam statistics and reports will be collected in your account one for all websites.

  3. Using service without an access key. In this case, anti-spam service works by using IP-address and there you won't have anti-spam reports and statistics.

In each case, you protect all websites where you have installed and activated the anti-spam plugins.

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