Pricing for Website Uptime Monitoring

1 URL$10.00/year
3 URLs$15.00/year
5 URLs$22.00/year
10 URLs$40.00/year
20 URLs$75.00/year$8.00/month
30 URLs$105.00/year$11.50/month
40 URLs$135.00/year$14.50/month
60 URLs$195.00/year$21.00/month
90 URLs$270.00/year$27.00/month
120 URLs$330.00/year$33.00/month
150 URLs$400.00/year$40.00/month
250 URLs$600.00/year$60.00/month
500 URLs$1 000.00/year$95.00/month

What is CleanTalk Website Uptime Monitoring

One of the most important parameters of a website is its reliability and speed, that means a website is available to guests and customers 100% of its work time. If it's temporary unavailable or the page load speed is very low it can greatly affect its search ranking, convenience for the visitors, its website conversion and the number of the returned customers. Therefore these parameters are crucial for your business.

  • Easy start, just add URL
  • 2 checkpoints at the same time
  • Each point does a check once a minute
  • Tech support 24/7

You will immediately receive a notification when your website is down. That will allow to take timely actions.

Get statistics of how fast your web pages load. This will let you know the changes in the website loading speed and/or the need to optimize the code for the pages and let you know how fast your web server responds.

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