Anti-Spam BlackList API & Email existence API

Spam IPs and Emails DataBase

Checks limit/
Price, USD/
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10 000$3.00$2.55$2.10$1.80$1.50
50 000$11.00$9.35$7.70$6.60$5.50
100 000$20.00$17.00$14.00$12.00$10.00
250 000$33.00$28.05$23.10$19.80$16.50
500 000$58.00$49.30$40.60$34.80$29.00
750 000$75.00$63.75$52.50$45.00$37.50
1 000 000$83.00$70.55$58.10$49.80$41.50
2 000 000$150.00$127.50$105.00$90.00$75.00
3 000 000$200.00$170.00$140.00$120.00$100.00
6 000 000$350.00$297.50$245.00$210.00$175.00
9 000 000$450.00$382.50$315.00$270.00$225.00
15 500 000$710.00$603.50$497.00$426.00$355.00
22 000 000$950.00$807.50$665.00$570.00$475.00
30 000 000$1250.00$1062.50$875.00$750.00$625.00
50 000 000$1500.00$1275.00$1050.00$900.00$750.00
100 000 000$2250.00$1912.50$1575.00$1350.00$1125.00
150 000 000$2500.00$2125.00$1750.00$1500.00$1250.00

Anti-Spam BlackList API Includes 2 API Methods:

API to check IP/email in the BlackList: spam_check()

Email verification API for existence: email_check()

You can use one or both methods at once.

We can also provide daily updates of the Offline Blacklist Database (CSV files via SFTP access). CleanTalk receives information about spam attacks from 40-60 thousands of IP addresses per day. Write us to learn more details and price. Please contact us

How is it calculated?

Checks limit — the number of IP and email addresses that have been checked.

As the example: if you send one API request that contains 2 IP's to check — this will be calculated as 2 checks because there were 2 IP's.

One API request may include up to 1000 IP's or emails.

When you choose API package, you are buying the number of checks for a needed period of the license. API package depends on the amount of the checks and period of license for which you can use these checks.

What is the CleanTalk Spam IP and Email DataBase

Spam Database Lookup. Check IP or Email for spam and malicious activity.

CleanTalk has an extensive database of spam activity of IP addresses and emails. We understand that these IP addresses are used for other types of attacks, including for fraud in electronic commercial transactions, HTTP Get Flood, HTTP Post Flood, HTTP Head Flood, HTTPS Flood & DoS and etc. Just check your list of IP addresses in our database.

Every day CleanTalk receives information about spam attacks from 40-60 thousands of IP addresses. The entire base of spam active IP is about 20 000 000 IP addresses.

Connecting to the API,

This method allows you to check the spam activity of IP or email addresses in the CleanTalk spam database. As a result, you will receive all the important parameters of each IP.

Email existence API "email_check()"
This API is designed to check email addresses for existence and is included in the price list of the BlackList API. This means that when you buy the BlackList API package, you can use the checks for the "email_check ()" method as well. Learn more, how to use Email existence API.

This service fully complies with GDPR. CleanTalk doesn't store any information about checks. Only the number of checks and calls.