Website Delegation to Other Users


If you want to grant the rights to other users to manage or inspect your websites then do the following:

1. Enter to your CleanTalk Control Panel.

2. Click the string of your e-mail address on the upper right.

3. Click the line "Grants".

Control Panel — Grants


4. Click the line "New grant".

Control Panel — New grants


5. Choose a website for the delegation in the pop-down menu, choose what rights you wish to grant for a new user (Read or Read-&-Write), write the e-mail of the trusted user.

Control Panel — Grants Settings

6. Press the button "Save".

7. Go back to the section "Grants". Now you can see the list of your delegated websites here.

 Control Panel — Grants List



Where can I find the delegated websites in the trusted user profile?

1. Enter to the trusted user's CleanTalk Control Panel.

2. Find the title "Delegated websites" on the main page.

Control Panel — Delegated websites

3. The trusted user can manage your delegated websites the same way as for the usual ones.


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