The CleanTalk DNSBL Service Usage


CleanTalk provides a special DNSBL service to check IP for spam in accordance with its DNS name. This will be helpful in usage in an SMTP server configuration. More info about the DNSBL conception can be found there.


Examples of Usage in Postfix and Sendmail


You can use these examples to integrate the DNSBL check of IP addresses. Your DNSBL token can be found in the Blacklists API mode of CleanTalk dashboard

DNSBL token image


1. Example for Postfix:

In the file add the next record:

smtpd_recipient_restrictions = reject_rbl_client <your_dnsbl_zone_key>


2. Example for Sendmail:

In the file add the next record:

FEATURE(`dnsbl', `<your_dnsbl_zone_key>', `"Spam detected, see:"$&{client_addr}')dnl



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