How to Check IPs and Emails in Bulk


We offer a public interface to check any list of IPs or/and emails. The link is here:


By default you can check 5 records only. If you want to increase the limit then you have to buy a BlackLists API License. You can do it here:


If you already have a BlackLists API License activated, then go to your BlackLists API Dashboard here:

And then click the link "Manual Bulk Spam Bots Search":

BlackList API Dashboard CleanTalk bulk spam bots search


Input your data to the field (A) or upload a file with your list by clicking the button "Browse(B). Records should be separated by any of the following symbols:

  • , (a comma),
  • ; (a semicolon),
  • a space,
  • a tab,
  • a new line.

Then click the button "Submit":

CleanTalk IPs emails bulk check interface

The result table will show you the following data:

  • Record — you can click it to see more details about the record;
  • Country — if it's possible to identify a country it will be there;
  • # of attacked sites — how many websites that have the CleanTalk module installed were attacked with that record;
  • Blacklisted — is it blacklisted or not?
    • Status "Not in list" means that the address has never been in the CleanTalk Database;
  • Real email — is it a fake or a real email? This check takes the emails that are in the CleanTalk Database only;
  • Purpose of use — what type of networks does the record belong to;
  • Disposable email — is it a one-time use email or not?
  • Last update — when was the last activity of the record.


Another examples with emails:

CleanTalk bulk checking of emails


Additionally, you can save your results by using the following links "URL to results" or "CSV" or "JSON" that are placed above the table:

CleanTalk checking IPs and emails in bulk saving links


• The link "URL to results" will give you the permanent link to the results you see.

• The link "CSV" will give you a window where you can choose your folder to save the results in an "csv" file.

• The link "JSON" will give you a window where you can choose your folder to save the results in a "json" file.



If you have any questions concerning the CleanTalk Service you can contact us via:

— Private Ticket [ ].



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