CleanTalk Website Security Update Manuals



CleanTalk Inc. is continuously developing its products. It makes possible updates to be regularly released for all popular CMS. CleanTalk aims to release updates for the leading CMS every two weeks. The update period can be adjusted depending on the current needs of users. When developing updates, CleanTalk takes into account the requirements of CMS for development and security standards. CleanTalk also takes into account feedback and suggestions/comments of users about the functionality of the service and plugins. Plugin updates may contain:

  • correcting errors that were found in the current version
  • integration of new features and upgrades of current features
  • changes in the plugin interface
  • compatibility improvements between CleanTalk and third-party plugins
  • compatibility improvements between CleanTalk and CMS updates

Updates can be easily installed directly from the CleanTalk Control Panel in automatic mode. Also, updates can be downloaded and installed manually, for this purpose our page contains links to download any module and detailed instructions on how to install updates. In case of any questions regarding how the CleanTalk Anti-Spam services work and what to do with them, any user can always contact the company's technical support by creating a private ticket.

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