Description of the process for sending a report about a missed spam bot or an incorrect filter

If you think the service has missed a spam bot or improperly filtered visitors to the website, you may notify us via the Anti-Spam Control Panel. To do this,

1. Log in to Control Panel.

2. Go to your Anti-Spam Log in the Anti-Spam Dashboard:

Anti-Spam Dashboard

3. Click on "Spam/Not spam" for the appropriate registration or comment on the website.

Anti-Spam log

4. Then the sender will be added to your Personal list and a request feedback window will open:

Send request feedback

1 – You can also leave a notice about this issue to help us resolve it faster.
2 – After it, click the "Save" button to save your notice.
3 – Click the "Close" button to close the request feedback window.

When you mark a record as "Spam", its e-mail and IP address will be added to your personal blacklist for your website. When you mark a record as "Not spam", its e-mail and IP address will be added to your personal white list for your website. Your CleanTalk Personal Lists are here. The CleanTalk Personal Lists manual is here.

Make note: when you mark records in your anti-spam logs, we are manually analyzing every record looking for the cause of the issue and improving our filters.

If you haven't found the answer to your question, please, contact our support team:


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