Description of the process for sending a report about a missed spam bot or an incorrect filter


If you think the service has missed a spam bot or improperly filtered visitor to the website, you may notify us via the Anti-Spam Control Panel. To do this,

  1. Log in to Control Panel
  2. Click the line "Log" under the name of your website.

Anti-Spam Dashboard


     3. Click on the "Spam/Not spam" for the appropriate registration or comment on the website.

Anti-Spam log


When you mark a record as "Spam", its e-mail and IP-address will be added to your personal blacklist for your website.

When you mark a record as "Not spam", its e-mail and IP-address will be added to your personal white list for your website.

Your CleanTalk Personal Lists are here:

CleanTalk Personal Lists manual is here:

Make note: when you mark records in your anti-spam logs, we are manually analyzing every records looking for the cause of the issue and improving our filters.



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