FAQ - Payment


Is it paid?

Yes, the service is paid, please see the price. You have 14 days trial to test the anti-spam on your website.


I want to connect two resources to the service. Do I have to register two accounts, or I can use the same key?

Both sites can be connected to one account, with a separate Access key for each web-site.


What if I can't find a price list of a suitable tariff plan?

More efficient tariffs are available after the registration in your Control Panel.


Can I Have an Invoice from Cleantalk with VAT?

CleanTalk don't offer invoices with VAT because of we are an Unites states company, we work without VAT.

If you have questions you may contact us via mail welcome@cleantalk.org

Or make a support ticket if you are registred user https://cleantalk.org/my/support.


Difference between hosting tariffs

For 5$/month you will get only one IP address with unlimited number of websites. Any request form this IP will be processed.

For 15$/month you will get unlimited number of IP and websites.


Is there any auto-payment or auto-extension service?

No, there is not. Any payments have to be done manually.


How to request a refund?

You can request a refund or get other assistance with your CleanTalk here: https://cleantalk.org/my/support/open