CleanTalk Security Installation Guides


Here you can find the plugin installation guides for popular CMS.


WordPress logo WordPress Security & Malware Scan by CleanTalk


       Description: This WordPress Security plugin protects your website from cybercriminals. A detailed Security Log gives you a better understanding of what is happening to your website. Features like Automatic Brute Force Protection, Security Firewall, Audit Log, Blocking IPs by Countries allow you to control the activity of your visitors.

 Uniforce Logo Universal Security Extension UniForce by CleanTalk

       Description: The UniForce extension has a part of WordPress Security features and can be installed on any PHP site or CMS. 

Security extension for Drupal 9, 10

Malware scans, FireWall and Brute-force protection in a single Drupal security extension.

Malware scans, FireWall, Brute-Force protection for Magento 2.0, eCommerce platform

How to set up Uniforce to protect Magento against major security issues.



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