Security Firewall for WordPress


1. First go to your Security Dashboard. Choose "Site Security" in the "Services" menu:

CleanTalk Site Security Service Dashboard


2. Then press the line "Personal Lists" under the name of your website:

Security personal lists


3. You are on the Security Firewall settings page now:

Security personal lists options


You can filter current records you have in your Black & White Lists using the following tools:

  • A — select what website you want to see records of;
  • B — select the item "Status" if you want to see all records regardless of their status;
  • C — leave this field empty if you want to see all records;
  • D — search for the specific record by IP or e-mail (you don't have to enter full IP address or e-mail to find it).

Click the button "Show" when you select all necessary items.

If you need to delete several records at once, tick all necessary checkboxes and press the button "Delete selected records" above the list.


4. Press the button "Add new records" to block or to allow any record you want:

Add Security personal filter


  • E — you can add records of different types to your Black & White Lists:

IP-Addresses (For example,

Subnets (For example,

  • F — put a note to the record to remember why or what it was about;
  • G — select what website you want to add records to.

The records can be added one by one or all at once using separators: comma, semicolon, space, tab or new line.

After filling the field press the button "Whitelist" or "Blacklist". Or press the button "Cancel" if you change your mind.

All added records will be displayed in your list below.

Please note, all changes will be applied in 5-10 minutes.


5. Press the button "Add a country" to block or to allow any IP addresses coming from the selected countries:

Add Security filter by countries


  • H — select what countries you want to add to your Black & White Lists;
  • I — select what action you want to perform to the selected countries;
  • J — select what website you want to apply chosen countries to.

Click the button "Add" when you select all necessary items.

Or press the button "Cancel" if you change your mind.


6. It is possible to export the list of any selected records as CSV file. The opposite is also available — you can import your CSV file to your Black & White Lists.

The export and import buttons are located above to table. Records in the imported CSV must be divided with "," or ";". You can blacklist/whitelist IP addresses, IP networks:,,


To add a record to whitelist add allow after the separator:,,allow


To Test if Security FireWall is working: go to your Security panel -> Click the link "Settings" below the URL of website -> Click the link "Testing Security FireWall"

Alternative way to check Security FireWall: use test URL link like this:"MD5_HASH_FROM_YOUR_ACCESS_KEY"&spbct_test_ip=
To get MD5 hash from your access key, please, use this tool:




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