Personal Blacklist Manual


Personal Blacklist or Whitelist helps you to block unwanted users and to allow users that were recognized as spammers.

The entry in the personal blacklist or whitelist occurs every time when you mark the request in the log of your service as "Spam" or "Not spam".

Personal Blacklists are a very flexible and powerful tool, you can block or allow IP address, email address or mask e-mail (* - will block/allow every address ending on

Also, you can block a whole country. For example, if you have a US site and you get a lot of spam from India or Germany, you can simply add it to the blacklist. Every IP address from this country will be blocked.

Of course, they must be used very carefully, thinking through all possible consequences. If you have doubts, it is best to consult with our specialist by creating a ticket to technical support

Use the following instruction to remove some of the questions. 


To use the personal Black/Whitelists:

1. You should enter the page with blacklists for a particular service:

 Entering to blacklist


You could do the following things on this page:

Anti-Spam personal lists

2. You could add a new filter by pressing the button "Add new filter" ( button 1) -> "Select record type".

The following filters are available to you: IP address, email address, countries, domains, stop-words, languages, email address with mask (e.g.:, mail.test,

Add your records in field 6.

2.1 You could allow or block the address you have entered by pressing buttons "Whitelist" or "Blacklist".

2.2 A new advanced e-mail address mask is added. Symbol asterisk "*" means any set of characters.


  • name* (all e-mail addresses with any set of characters after "name" will be blocked).

  • * (all e-mail addresses with any set of characters before "aa44" will be blocked).

  • *kkk*vvv* (all e-mail addresses with any set of characters before "kkk", before "vvv" and after "vvv" will be blocked).

  • And so on, you can use any combinations of characters and asterisks to make a mask.

Add new anti-spam filter

3. Add all of the IP addresses in a blacklist of the chosen filter "Country".

3.1. Select a country from the list in the window that appears.

3.2. Block all IPs from selected countries by clicking “Blacklist” or  "Blacklist all countries except selected"

 Anti-Spam filter by country


4. Language filter:

Anti-Spam filter by language

At the moment the following languages are available:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Korean

Please note that the filter will trigger on any text that contains 20% or more of the undesirable language.


5. You could upload an SCV file with addresses and permissions by selecting it by button 2.

Records in the file must be divided with "," or ";". For Anti-Spam you can blacklist IP addresses, emails, domains:,,

To add a record to whitelist add allow after the separator:,allow,,allow


For SpamFireWall you can only blacklist an IP address or IP network:,, 


5.1. You could download a CSV file with all your blacklist and whitelist entries. By hitting icon 5.


6. You could delete previously entered permissions.

6.1. Select the entries you want to delete (checkbox 3) and delete it by button 4.



7. The same way the service SpamFireWall could be set up. The step-by-step guide is here:

8. Please note, we have implemented new API methods to manage your own Personal lists using CleanTalk API. You can know more reading this guide


We added a possibility to view logs for changes in your Personal lists. To open your ChangeLog window please use this link. You can read more here.



If you still have questions you can always ask our Tech support by creating a ticket



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