CleanTalk Extra Package

In addition to the anti-spam service CleanTalk provides advanced service:

1. 45 days log

Storage of detailed history of the request 45 days. If you have not enough storage for 7 days of history, CleanTalk can extend this to 45 days. These data are useful if you lose your a message, for feedback and view detailed information about each request.

You could find log here:


2. Stop words

Filtering messages containing "stop words", to disallow comments that contain the word you have added to the dictionary "stop words." This function is required if you want to disable comments containing not normative lexicon, insults, etc.

Add "stop words" you can here


3. Country blacklist

Filtering posts/registrations by country allows you to block all comments/registration to users from selected countries.

You could set personal blacklist here:


4. Message to forbidden visitors

Message to forbidden visitors allows you to customise an answer form our servers. By default they will get messages like: "Forbidden. Please enable JavaScript".

You could change it with this feature for example: "Your message was blocked. Please contact administrator via mail@mail.mail". It will lower risk of false positives.

You could set it here:


5. Website access delegation

The possibility to grant the rights to other users to manage or inspect your websites.

Website delegation can be setup here:



When you purchase an extra package, it is valid for all the sites in your account. For the trial period all features are available for testing without restrictions.

These additional features make CleanTalk more flexible instrument and complement the protection from spam bots of new features.