Miscellaneous Instructions, Articles and Manuals About CleanTalk


Here you could find different articles, manuals, and instructions not included in other categories of the Help section.

Convertkit and ActiveCampaign Spam Protection

Comparison: CleanTalk vs ReCaptcha

CleanTalk GDPR Compliance

How to Move The CleanTalk Service to Another Website

How to Stop Spam in Google Analytics

Why Can Visitor's Data Be Blocked When They Use a VPN Service?

Description of the CleanTalk Cookies

Email Privacy, Confidentiality and Security

Why Do Spammers Post Spam on Websites

How to connect CleanTalk Pixel to your WordPress website

Hiding PHP Notices and Warnings in WordPress

General security Q&A

How to Set Up the Anti-Spam by CleanTalk and WP Rocket

Is CleanTalk Better than Akismet?

Bug bounty program

How to Delete Your IP or E-mail From CleanTalk Blacklist Public Page

The CleanTalk Servers IP Ranges

What Does this Message Mean: *** Forbidden. Email does not exist. Check that email without typos. Your_Email ***

Why Are Website Forms in the <iframe> Tags Considered Suspicious?

How to Change the URL of the wp-login page


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