Malware Auto-Cure


Malware Auto-Cure option is a part of the CleanTalk Malware Scanner. This feature allows to automatically delete dangerous code of the scanned files.


How it works

When Malware Scanner has been launched it checks website's files. If malicious code signatures or dangerous PHP code known to us are found in them, these files are automatically placed into category "Critical".

To solve the problem you have two options:

 1. If the files have well known malicious code signatures then you can launch the automatic cure function. This way, scanner will delete bad code.

To launch Malware Auto-Cure, enable the option "Cure Malware" in the plugin's settings:

cure malware


 2. Another option requires code analysis and depends on the case, you can either approve, delete or put the found files in quarantine. Before deleting any file we recommend to put it in quarantine as the absence of the file can break your website. Putting the file in quarantine will make the CleanTalk plugin check the accessibility of your website and if it doesn't respond with HTTP 200 then the file will be restored automatically.


Why is the Malware Auto-Cure feature useful?


Advantages of using Malware Auto-Cure function:

  • You do not need to know programming to identify malicious code.
  • You do not need to spend time searching for malicious code.
  • You do not need to hire specialists to remove the code.

As a result — saving your time and money.



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