Change the Wp-login Page URL

Change the URL of the wp-login page option is a feature of the Security by CleanTalk service for WordPress. This option helps you change the default wp-login URL. 

Hackers use scripts for massive brute-force attacks, and since most websites use a default login page URL, hackers configure scripts for such URLs. When you change the URL of the authorization page, hackers will not have the opportunity to perform brute-force attacks in scripts in automatic mode.

Notice, this option does not change files and does not rewrite URLs in system files. To return the address of the default authorization page, it is enough to disable the option in the plugin settings or set a new value.

Pay attention: if you are using caching plugins, then you need to add a new authorization page in the caching exceptions.

To enable the option, go to the WP Dashboard plugin settings -> Settings -> Security by CleanTalk -> General Settings and check box Change address to login script. Then add a new URL in the Login URL box and click Save Settings. Don't forget to bookmark your new wp-login page URL. The new URL will be sent to the website admin email specified in the WordPress Dashboard.

You can also customize the URL of the page where users who are trying to get to the default wp-login page will be redirected.

Security General Settings Change address to login script option box



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