How to use the ChangeLog feature


This feature allows you to see all changes in your Personal lists (including Anti-Spam, SpamFireWall, Security). You can find Changelog in your Personal lists. Press ChangeLog button:


CleanTalk ChangeLog button

Or use this direct link.

After that ChangeLog interface will be shown. Here is the interface description:


CleanTalk ChangeLog interface


1. Back to the Personal lists button.

2. Filters section:

      A - Select service or view logs for all services.

      B - Search for a certain value.

      C - Choose blacklist or whitelist records.

      D - Choose the event type (Add, Update, Delete).

      E - Select Date of the event.

      F - Select source of the event (Dashboard, Feedback, Autoban, etc.)

3. Service type

4. Record value

5. Record type (IP address, IP network, email, stop-word, etc)

6. Record status (blacklist or whitelist).

7.  Event type (Add, Update, Delete).

8. Date and time of the event.

9. Source of the event (Dashboard, Feedback, Autoban, etc.)

10. Comment for more details.



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