Spam Protection for ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign


We have added spam protection for the ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign forms. Now, all features of the CleanTalk anti-spam are available to protect ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign forms from spam. This will allow you to avoid spam bots in your subscriptions, registrations and keep your email newsletters clean.

Spam bots can use email addresses of real people, email addresses of companies, and any other email addresses that can be found in the Internet. This spam is caused by the fact that spammers use your public email for subscriptions to news and stuff on other websites.
Using these email addresses, they sign up, register, and write spam comments on many websites. So, the owner of the email address receives thousands of subscriptions per day to his email address.

As a result, when many users unsubscribe from your newsletter and mark it as spam, this can cause problems, as your other mailings will be marked as spam.

In another case, spammers can use fake email addresses to subscribe, while your mailing cannot be delivered to the addressee and the mail server can also mark your next mailings as spam.

You can avoid such spam subscriptions and registrations, you need to protect your form from spam bots. CleanTalk now protects ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign forms from spam. Spam protection works for the WordPress plugin, you can download the plugin from the WordPress catalog.

To enable spam protection for ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign you need to activate the option "Protect external forms" and save the plugin settings:

• WordPress Admin Page → Settings → Anti-Spam by CleanTalk → Advanced settings → set the option "Protect external forms" to "On" → Save Changes.



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