What Does this Message Mean:  
*** Forbidden. Email does not exist. Check that email without typos.  Your_Email ***

The message *** Forbidden. Email does not exist. Check that email without typos.  Your_Email *** is generated as a result of a CleanTalk anti-spam check. During the operation of the anti-spam service, the email address is checked, whether it is real or fake.

If you see this blocking reason, then the visitor used an email address that is not registered on this email service/domain.

For example, a request with the email fake_email@example.com will be denied because such user email is not registered and does not exist on the example.com site. Also, this can happen if the email server is not configured correctly and does not respond to requests properly, this often happens on private email servers.
Also, the reason for such a message may be the user's mistake when he entered their email with an error.

What can you do if you see this message when sending a message on the site:

1. Check if the email is entered correctly.
2. Try using a different email from another mail service, for example, gmail.com.

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