CleanTalk database of spam active IP and Email addresses

CleanTalk has an extensive database of spam activity of IP addresses and emails. We understand that these IP addresses are used for other types of attacks, including for fraud in electronic commercial transactions.

The use of the database of CleanTalk will help you more accurately identify fraud risks and can be used by you as one of the factors, as a complement to the existing system for tracking fraudulent activity.

Every day CleanTalk receives information about spam attacks from 40-60 thousands of IP addresses. The entire base of spam active IP is about 20 000 000 IP addresses.




Uploading the database

Every day CleanTalk gets information about thousands of new spam IPs/emails and some of these IP are used for fraud/DDoS/hacking and other attacks too and we can help you to prevent the part from online threats and give you additional information for your online security. CleanTalk receives info about spam activity for IPs in real time that allows getting info about new online threats. 

We provide information about IP addresses marked as spam in our database that includes

More than 2 000 000 IP's have spam activity for last 2 weeks.
The entire base of spam active IP's is about 20 000 000 IP addresses.
CleanTalk receives information about spam attacks from 40-60 thousands of IP addresses per day.

We are already working with one of the biggest credit cards issuer. We unload the database updates to the SFTP server every day. 

View the file format and fields description here:

Sure we can add/remove fields as you wish. We can provide more information for each record(attacks per day/Nicknames/Countries/emails/date and time/spam activity level). Depending on your needs, we can add or delete some fields.

Every day you will receive information about the current spam activity IP address and use that information as one of the factors to increase your online security.

Write to us and we will provide a database for testing free of charge.

We can offer you a free access for testing as long as you need.
For testing the database, please contact us via the Ticket System.

You'll save more money than you spend.



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