What is Grey List?


What does the response *** Forbidden. Message seems to be spam. *** mean?

What does the response *** Forbidden. Your request has been detected as spam. *** mean?



GreyList — it is spam/not spam defining tool in such cases when there are not enough signs for accurate Cloud Service response.
GreyList gives an opportunity to a website visitor to pass our protection while blocking spam bots.


How it works

The Anti-Spam Plugin sends data to our Cloud Service to identify spam and to make a decision. The Service does the analysis and if there are not enough signs for exact response then it replies that it's necessary to submit contact form data again. The signs could be spam-active subnet IP, wrong submit form time, spam-active e-mail domain. The Anti-Spam Plugin gets the Server's reply, blocks a comment or a registration and shows message for a website visitor.


What should a visitor do when he sees such message

Just submit form again several minutes later.


How often GreyList occurs

GreyList Warnings are being shown 2-6 times in 90000 requests per hour according to the latest data. We, CleanTalk team, are constantly improving our algorithms and do our best to keep as rare GreyList Warnings as possible to cause minimum inconveniences for website visitors and website owners.


What to do if your website visitors complain about GreyList

Inform us about it via e-mail or our Ticket System in your CleanTalk Profile: [ https://cleantalk.org/my/support/open ]. We most certainly will analyse why GreyList Warning was shown, give you explanation and take measures to reduce number of GreyList Warnings.



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