Quarantine in the CleanTalk Security


The Quarantine feature is another way to get rid of malicious code. This feature allows you to move the infected files into the quarantine folder.

Firstly, you need to scan your website files with the Malware Scanner according to the following guide:


1. If the scanner finds files that contain suspicious code, you can quarantine them:

Click the Quarantine it button below the file name to move it to the quarantine folder.

Keep in mind that the file's original name will be modified.

Once the file is moved, your website performance will be tested. If the website performance is disrupted, the file will be moved back to its original folder.

CleanTalk Security Plugin WordPress Malware Scanner Quarantine


 2. You can do the following with quarantined files:

  • Restore – Puts the file back to its previous folder and cancels the file's name modification if the file doesn't exist there, if it does you will be asked to overwrite it;
  • DeleteCompletely delete the file without the possibility of undoing the changes;
  • ViewShows window with the content of the file;
  • DownloadThis shows a window where you can choose the folder you want to download the file to.

You can check if you have quarantined files by clicking the Quarantined category.

Settings → Security by CleanTalk→ Malware Scanner → The Quarantined category.

CleanTalk Security Plugin WordPress Malware Scanner Quarantined Category



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