Stop-Words Feature


Stop-Words Feature allows you to block comments, contact forms, reviews, posts, new topics, search fields (search boxes), private messages and nicknames which contain any word from your Stop-Words List.


The feature is available after purchasing a CleanTalk Extra Package. Go to your license renewal page to see the details.


How to use Stop-Words Feature:

 1. Go to your CleanTalk Anti-Spam Dashboard.

 2. Choose a website you want to apply this feature to.

 3. Press the line "Personal Lists" under the name of your chosen website.

 4. Press the blue button "Add New Filter" and choose Stop Word in the pop-down menu.

Anti-Spam stop word filter


5. If you want to add common stop-words from our database, then press the pop-down menu A, select what words you want to add and press button B. All selected words will be displayed in the text area C.

If you want to add any other words simply write them to the text area C separated by a comma.

Then select what website you want to apply these words to in the pop-down menu D. Finally, press the red button "Blacklist" to apply them.

Anti-Spam stop word filter options


You can block separate words and/or phrases. If you blacklisted a phrase, it will be blocked only if all words are present (for example on bellow, "test message" phrase will be blocked, "text block" phrase will not be blocked). 


Anti-Spam custom stop word list


Anti-Spam custom stop word list


6. Please note that the changes will be applied in about 10 minutes.



If you haven't found the answer to your question, please, contact our support team:



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