Where does CleanTalk store data?


By default, data is stored on servers located in the USA and EU, this is required for the speed of data processing when a request is received from one of the servers in the cloud.


Can I only store my CleanTalk Data in the EU?

We help EU clients comply with the GDPR policy and have developed a data storage system based on geographic location. If you choose to store data only in the EU, you will be sure that this data will not be stored in other locations. The choice of storage location will not affect the speed of data processing. 


How to change the location of data storage

1. Log in to your CleanTalk Dashboard.

2. Open the menu by pressing your profile name in the upper right corner, and click Profile. Or use this link.


User menu


3. Open Profile options section. Find the Personal data storage server option. A description shows what servers are used to store your data now.


Data storage option


4. Select the needed option from the drop-down list and press Apply. The transfer will start. It may take 10-20 minutes (don't forget to refresh the page to see the results).


Data storage option



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