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How to Update the Universal Anti-Spam Plugin


1. Make backup copies of your website files and database.


2. Log into your hosting account and locate the folder of your website. This is the root folder of your website, most likely it contains the "index.php" file.


3. In the root folder delete the following folders:

• cleantalk

• test (if exists)


Then delete the following files:

• ctsetup.php (if exists)

• .travis.yml (if exists)

• (if exists)

• LICENSE (if exists)


4. Open your "index.php" file with any text editor and delete the following lines at the beginning of the file:



And delete the following lines at the end of the file:



5. The Universal Anti-Spam Plugin by CleanTalk is deleted from your website. Now you can use this guide to install a new version.


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