API send_feedback


This API should be used only for moderator feedback. It doesn't check spam. It sends back the result of manual moderation. The method accepts feedback only for requests made no more than 7 or 45 days (if the Additional package is activated) ago.

For other purposes you could use other methods:


Required parameters:

  • method_name - should be 'send_feedback';
  • auth_key - Access key. To obtain a key please get an account here https://cleantalk.org/register?platform=api;
  • feedback - string like "<request_id1>:<0|1>;<request_id2>:<0|1>;<request_id3>:<0|1>;" where <0|1> is moderator decision about appropriate request_id (1 is NOT SPAM, 0 is SPAM)



Wget request:

wget -O- --post-data='{"method_name":"send_feedback","auth_key":"your_acccess_key","feedback":"4e8bc562bdaed613107d8b8695:0;4bd0105024bbaf60c57176b766e:1"}' https://moderate.cleantalk.org/api2.0



Server's response doesn't depend on the platform.

"received " : 2,
"comment" : "OK"


  • received - number of received request IDs;
  • comment - server answer, normally 'Ok';



If you haven't found the answer to your question, please, contact our support team:




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