API send_feedback


This API should be used only for moderator feedback. It doesn't check spam. It sends back the result of manual moderation. For other purposes you could use other methods:


Required parameters:

  • method_name - should be 'send_feedback';
  • auth_key - API key. To obtain a key please get an account here https://cleantalk.org/register?platform=api;
  • feedback - string like "<request_id1>:<0|1>;<request_id2>:<0|1>;<request_id3>:<0|1>;" where <0|1> is moderator decision about appropriate request_id



Wget request:

wget -O- --post-data='{"method_name":"send_feedback","auth_key":"your_acccess_key","feedback":"4e8bc562bdaed613107d8b8695:0;4bd0105024bbaf60c57176b766e:1"}' https://moderate.cleantalk.org/api2.0



Server's response doesn't depend on the platform.

"received " : 2,
"comment" : "OK"


  • received - number of received request IDs;
  • comment - server answer, normally 'Ok';



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