How to Set Up the Anti-Spam by CleanTalk and W3 Total Cache


Caching of website pages and using cache plugins is a popular way of making the loading of the website pages faster. There are several types of page and content caching and some of them can be incompatible with the functioning of the CleanTalk SpamFireWall because visitors would be seeing the cached pages.

For example, the option "Cache SSL (HTTPS) Requests" in the W3 Total Cache plugin shows visitors the cached page and it is loaded on the website frontend before it could be intercepted by the CleanTalk Anti-Spam. That's why if the option is enabled in the cache plugin the CleanTalk SpamFireWall might work incorrectly.

The CleanTalk Anti-Spam plugin checks if the caching option is enabled and disables the SpamFireWall automatically. To solve this issue and keep everything enabled another option "Late Initialization" in the W3 Total Cache plugin should be enabled as well.
Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard —> Performance —> General Settings and in the section "Page Cache" change "Page Cache Method" to "Disk: Basic" and then save all setting.

Then go to Performance —> Page Cache and in the Advanced section enable the option "Late Initialization" and save all setting.

Then go to the settings of the Anti-Spam by CleanTalk, enable SpamFireWall and save changes again.

As an alternative, you can disable the option "Cache SSL (HTTPS) Requests" or leave the SpamFireWall disabled.



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